What happens to a Cardoen car before reaching the showroom?

At  Cardoen, the car supermarket, you can find more than 1,000 new cars from 25 brands at the lowest price. But where do our cars come from? Why are they so cheap? And what happens to a Cardoen car before ending up in the showroom? Find out below.

What happens to a Cardoen car before reaching the showroom?

1. Car purchase

We buy our cars from various European suppliers at the lowest price. Thanks to our many years of experience in the car industry we are perfectly able to assess which cars are interesting for the Belgian market

We often buy tens of cars all at once, which makes the price even more attractive. We pass that benefit on to our customers. Once we have bought the cars, they are transported from the supplier to the head office in Antwerp.

2. Extensive quality control

Quality is our priority at Cardoen. That’s why we only sell cars that we would also sell to our best friends. Once the cars arrive here, they undergo an extensive inspection by our experienced mechanics. A car must pass every one of 24 inspection tests before being allowed to continue to the showroom to be sold.

3. Thorough cleaning

After an extensive inspection it’s time for a thorough clean. Our cleaning team literally does acrobatics to get every car all spic and span. The result then sparkles in our showrooms.

4. Off to the photo corner

Every car that we put into stock also appears on our website. And that naturally requires good-quality photos. That’s why our photographer takes at least 12 photos per car. We also take 360 degree photos and videos, allowing you to get a good idea of all cars from a distance.

5. In the showroom and on the website

Are the photos ready? Then the car goes to one of the 16 car supermarkets. This means you will always find a new model in your local showroom. Each site receives a load of new cars from Antwerp at least twice a week.

Meanwhile, we also put the car on our website. We update our stock on an hourly basis, allowing you to see our true range 24/7. Would you prefer to come and visit? All Cardoen car supermarkets are open 7 days a week, so that includes Sunday.

6. Reserved and sold

Did you know that you can reserve a car on our website? Handy, as this means the car you are so keen on won’t be whisked away from under your nose. You can also arrange for the car to be delivered to your local car supermarket.

7. Adding accessories

Are you missing certain options which are not standard to your car? We can usually lend a hand. We can install parking sensors, provide a leather interior, integrate a navigation system, change the rims, fit a tow bar, etc. Find out more here.

8. Carefree driving

Do you want to enjoy your new car, without any worries? We offer a range of packages to make your life easier, such as:

Feel free to pop in for more information, or please contact us. Our employees would be happy to help you.

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