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How can I change my cookie settings?

Accepting cookies

If you want to enjoy the full functionality of our website, you need to accept cookies. You can do this by clicking “I like cookies” on the cookie banner that you see at the bottom of the page upon your first visit to our site. We will remember your preference (yes, by using a cookie), so you won’t have to fill this out every time you use our site.

Turning cookies off

You can turn off cookies by changing the settings in your browser. If you turn off these cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of This may diminish your experience of the site and make you see certain ads more often. How to turn cookies off, is explained on these pages:

About cookies on

We use different types of cookies for different things, such as: analyzing how you use You can read more about which cookies we use and why we use them.

Strictly Necessary cookies

These cookies let you use Without them, services that you have asked for cannot be provided.

Description Name Domain Expiry
Necessary for secure payment. cto_lwid 1 year
Cookie that allows us to use Hotjar. This allows us to improve our website. _hjIncludedInSample After every session
This makes sure we only show you our popups once. cardoen_default_popup, cardoen_exit_popup, cardoen_onsite After every session
This allows us to know if your browser supports javascript. has_js After every session
This tells us if you’ve already filled in the poll on our website. pa-submit After every session
Remember which cars you have looked at recently, so you can find them again easily. recent_cars 7 days
These cookies are necessary to apply the search filters you select. search_filters, search_filters_url, search_results_count 1 day
This cookie remember your cookie preferences, so we don’t have to show you our cookie policy every time you visit our site. cookie_agreed 3 months

Analytics cookies

These help us understand how people are using our website, so we can make it better.

Description Name Domain Expiry

This cookie anonymously loads the Google Tag Manager scripts on the website and links this to Cardoen. Thanks to

this cookie Google Analytics works on our website.
_dc_gtm_UA-43563567-1 1 day
Google Analytics uses this cookie to be able to identify individual users anonymously. _ga, _gid After every session
Realytics’ cookies can be qualified as an “audience measurement and statistics cookie”, exempt from any consent, used to measure the performance of TV campaigns in digital. Realytics’ cookies don’t store any personal or sensitive data and anyone can choose to be excluded from the use of the Realytics’ tracker by going on Realytics opt-out page. ry_ry-c4rd03n2_so_realytics,ry_ry-c4rd03n2_realytics/td> after 1 year

Marketing cookies

We use these cookies for marketing purposes. This way we can send you offers that are relevant to you.

Description Name Domain Expiry
We use this cookie to show you offers of our products that you may be interested in while surfing on other websites. eid, uid 6 months
This cookie allows you to see Cardoen ads on websites of Google’s partners. IDE 1 year
These cookies make clear which media used on Facebook is effective. We can also show targeted advertisements on Facebook to selected target groups. Act, csm, presence,
c_user, fr, xs, lu, sb,
pl, datr, dats 3 months
These cookies are used by Google to display customized ads on Google sites based on recent searches and previous interactions. 1P_JAR 1 month

Do you only want to disable third party cookies that are used to track your surfing behavour, then you can use this link.