Money back guarantee

General Terms and Conditions Right of Withdrawal 

When does the right of withdrawal for a purchase apply?

For agreements entered into remotely (i.e. agreements entered into outside the branches of Cardoen, via its website or in the showroom without being able to show the car) the customer has the right to withdraw from their purchase. This can be done within 14 days after delivery of the vehicle, with a max. of 1,000 driven kilometres and on the condition that the vehicle was paid fully.

This scheme applies to both new and second-hand vehicles sold by Cardoen.

How can I withdraw from a purchase?

In the case of a withdrawal, the customer must fill in the withdrawal form and send via email to [email protected] within the aforementioned period, or send it by registered post to the Cardoen branch stated on the customer's order slip. The personal information of the customer (last name, first name, address, etc.) must be stated clearly along with the order number.

What will happen after the customer has withdrawn their order?

After receiving the decision to withdraw, Cardoen will contact the customer to arrange take-back of the vehicle. The customer will ensure that the vehicle is returned to the Cardoen branch where the vehicle was purchased. Taking back the vehicle does not entail administrative fees.

What must the customer return?

The customer can only use their right of withdrawal on the condition that all keys and documents are handed in when the vehicle is returned. This includes all statutory documents that were provided upon delivery of the vehicle.

When will additional costs be charged?

Cardoen reserves the right to charge costs if the following situations occur:

  • The number of travelled kilometres since delivery exceeds 1,000 km. In this case, the customer must compensate Cardoen for each travelled kilometre above the stated threshold at a rate of €5 per kilometre.
  • The vehicle is damaged upon return. In this case, Cardoen will charge the customer for the repair costs. This will take place by keeping a part of the purchase price and deducting this from the repair costs or by charging the repair costs to the client;
  • The vehicle is dirty when returned. In this case, costs of a max. of €200 can be charged for cleaning.

What if the vehicle was financed?

If the customer financed the vehicle for the purchase, then the customer will notify the financier and practice their right of withdrawal through them. This does not apply if the vehicle was financed by or through Cardoen. In this case, Cardoen will provide this service.

When will the purchase sum be paid back?

If the customer returns the vehicle in its original state along with all the required documentation and keys, then Cardoen will pay the customer the full purchase sum within seven working days.

The customer also has the option of exchanging the vehicle for a different vehicle, in which case the purchase sum will be deducted for the purchase of the other vehicle.

What about the costs of the vehicle registration tax (BIV) and road tax?

If the customer practices their right of withdrawal after registering the vehicle, then Cardoen will pay back the BIV and 1/12th of the road tax. The customer will have to provide the government's notice of assessment along with the account number so Cardoen can pay back the sum.