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Discover our values at Cardoen

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Different and better

At Cardoen we do things differently. As a multi-brand dealer in the car sector our company and brand have always been different. In our work too, we aim to do things differently. More efficiently. To benefit our customers, our employees and our company. Different and better in other words.


At Cardoen we always show respect. Respect towards our colleagues, our customers, our products, our materials and our working environment. Towards the environment in general. After all, at Cardoen we realise that there is only 1 planet and that we must take care of it.

Getting things done

At Cardoen we like to get things done. Day in, day out our employees work hard to resolve problems and focus their efforts. In this way we show our customers and the entire company that we never let go and that we do our best to see things through.

Keeping promises

Cardoen keeps it promises. Not only those made to customers, but also to our employees. At Cardoen we give our employees the right tools so they can do their job comfortably and have the chance to develop in the company. In doing so we go full throttle for everyone’s career. That’s a promise we are delighted to keep.