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What’s the procedure when buying your car at Cardoen?

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At Cardoen we do things properly. With our wide selection of quality cars, flexible financing options and exceptional customer service you can take to the road with confidence.

Here, you will find the steps in our purchasing process, designed to give you the best possible experience and to meet all your car requirements.

Step 1: choose your car and get the best price

Discover our wide selection of new and certified second-hand cars online or in one of our sixteen locations in Belgium. We also guarantee the best price on every car in stock.

Step 2: reserve your favourite car

Have you found your favourite car? Then you can reserve it online or in your local Cardoen location.

Step 3: choose your extra options

Do you want extra equipment for your new car? We’ll take care of it! Leather interior, winter tyres, parking sensors, integrated GPS, … Cardoen will adapt the car to your desires!

Step 4: get yourself the best protection

Besides the basic guarantee you can enjoy an extended 10-year warranty starting on the first registration date.

Step 5: choose our all-inclusive services

Would you like everything under one roof? Our colleagues will calculate the costs of your insurance for you and can even arrange your financing. A Service+ maintenance contact and Cardoen Lease are also among the opportunities .

Step 6: exchanging your old car at Cardoen?

Do you want to sell your current car? Cardoen is happy to buy your car from you and will pay the highest takeover price on the market.

Step 7: off you go in your new car

Once we have received the full payment for your new car, we will send you all relevant documents by e-mail and we’ll arrange an appointment in the showroom for you to pick up your car.

Switch on the ignition and enjoy driving your new car!

At Cardoen you have a 14-day right of return

Buying a new car online is a big occasion. It’s not something you do every day, so you naturally want to be 100% certain that you’ve made the right choice. That’s why Cardoen gives you 14 days to reconsider after the car has been delivered to you. Then you can try out your new purchase at ease. Is the car not exactly what you were expecting after all? No worries! We’ll take the car back again without a problem. You can therefore buy online from Cardoen with complete confidence.

When can you use your right of return?

For contracts that are signed remotely you are entitled to revoke the purchase. This means that you agreed the purchase of your car on the Cardoen website or in the showroom, without it being possible to view the car. You may return the car within 14 days of delivery. You may have driven a maximum of 1,000 km in the car and it must be undamaged. In addition, the car needs to have been paid for in full. This rule applies both when buying a new or second-hand car at Cardoen.

What do you do if you want to return your car?

Are you not 100% satisfied with your purchase? Complete the revocation form and send it by e-mail within 14 days of your car delivery to [email protected] or send it by registered post to the location where you bought your car. As soon as we have received this form, one of our colleagues will contact you to organise the return.

What should you bring with you when returning your car?

We can only repay the purchase amount when you hand over all the keys and all the documents upon returning the car. In that case we’ll repay the entire purchase amount, the registration fee and the road tax withing seven working days.

Double check our general terms and conditions here.