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Insure your car cheaply & extensively with Cardoen

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Insure your car cheaply & extensively with Cardoen

At Cardoen you can buy a new car, and you can also insure it. With Cardoen Insurance you enjoy cheap car insurance with extensive cover.

Which car insurance can you find at Cardoen Insurance?

At Cardoen you can arrange four types of car insurance:

  1. Civil liability car insurance
  2. Comprehensive car insurance
  3. Drivers’ insurance
  4. Legal aid car

Here is a short explanation of each insurance.

Civil liability car insurance

In Belgium you are obliged by law to arrange at least one car insurance, called civil liability insurance.

Have you caused an accident with harm to the other party? Then thanks to the civil liability you are insured and therefore you are not required to pay all the costs that you have caused others to incur.

Comprehensive car insurance

Are you buying a new or nearly new car? Then it is wise to arrange comprehensive insurance. Then you have the best kind of insurance available for your car.

Car been stolen? Have vandals damaged the bodywork? Have you suffered damage after an accident where you were at fault? In all these situations you are safe with comprehensive insurance and the damage to your own car will be reimbursed.

Drivers’ insurance

Have you caused an accident and suffered physical damage? For example, whiplash or a bruised wrist? Then your own medical costs are not covered with the civil liability or comprehensive insurance.

The solution? A drivers’ insurance. This covers your own medical costs after an accident caused by you.

Legal aid car

Had an accident and it wasn’t your fault? And does the other person refuse to admit their mistake? Or did one of the brushes at the carwash damage your bodywork and does the operator reject your claim? Then it can be necessary to get a lawyer involved.

A legal aid insurance insures judicial disputes. For example, lawyers’ costs, costs of legal proceedings, and so on.

What are the advantages of the Cardoen Insurance car insurance policies?

Cheap rates

Offering the cheapest solution is in our nature. So you can also count on a low price for our car insurance.

Extensive cover

We save on unnecessary extras, such as expensive and fancy brochures. What really matters with car insurance is quality cover. And that’s our focus.

Settlement by standard order

You can settle our car insurance in instalments with a monthly standard order. In this way you don’t need to take a big bite out of your annual budget all at once.

Free don’t drink & drive (‘Bob’) protection

Have you driven for a friend who’s had a drink? Or does a friend take over for you after you’ve had a glass? Good job Bob! In that case, the car is insured against damage of up to €25,000 with our free ‘Bob’ protection.

Calculating your car insurance

You’ll find the monthly payments online for our Civil Liability and Comprehensive insurance. Start by selecting your desired car and scroll down, past the technical specifications.

Are you also interested in Legal aid or Drivers’ insurance? Contact us for a free quotation:

Would you like to know how much your dream car will cost you per month, all in? In other words, including a loan, maintenance contract and insurance? Then simply add up the Cardoen Lease amount and the insurance amount.

General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions of all Cardoen Insurance car insurance policies can be found here:

  1. Civil liability
  2. Full Omnium
  3. Legal Aid
  4. Driver insurance

Cardoen Insurance is a brand name belonging to Datos nv and a product of Amlin Insurance SE, Koning Albert II-laan 37, 1030 Brussel, with the recognised FSMA insurance firm (0435).

Would you like to arrange a Cardoen Car Insurance? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You are always welcome in your local car supermarket.

Do you already have a Cardoen Insurance and do you have a particular question? Please contact:

Or call 078/70.90.03