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Cardoen gives you insurance with each car that you buy. Cardoen Insurance not only offers you low-cost insurance, but extensive coverage as well.

The 4 car insurance schemes offered by Cardoen Insurance

1. Third-party liability car insurance

In Belgium, it is mandatory to take out at least one insurance policy for your car: the third-party liability car insurance.

What if you and the other party are involved in an accident that causes damage to the other party? Then you have third-party liability insurance and you do not have to reimburse all the costs incurred by others due to your actions.

2. Comprehensive car insurance

Are you buying a new or almost-new car? Then it is advisable to take out comprehensive insurance. This is the best kind of car insurance available.

Has your car been stolen? Have vandals damaged the bodywork? Have you suffered damage after an accident in which you were at fault? In all these situations you will be insured under a comprehensive insurance policy and will receive compensation for the damage caused to your own car.

3. Driver’s insurance

Did you cause an accident resulting in physical injury? For example, a whiplash (neck injury) or a bruised wrist? If so, your own medical expenses are not covered under the third-party liability or comprehensive insurance.

The solution? Driver's insurance. It covers your own medical costs following an accident caused by you.

4. Car legal expenses insurance

Have you had an accident in which you were not at fault? And the counterparty refuses to admit its culpability? Or is your bodywork damaged by a brush in the car wash and the operator refuses to believe it? It may be possible that you need to engage a lawyer.

Legal expenses insurance ensures coverage for legal disputes. This may include legal costs, costs of legal proceedings, etc.

The advantages of Cardoen insurance car insurance

Low cost

Offering the cheapest solution is in our DNA. So you can also count on favourable rates for insurance.

Extensive coverage

We save expenditure on unnecessary items such as expensive leaflets with lots of bells and whistles. What truly matters most with insurance is high quality coverage. Our focus is on ensuring the best coverage.

Payment by direct debit

We can offer you easy insurance payments in small amounts via a monthly direct debit. This prevents you from having to make a single large payment once a year.

Free ‘Designated Driver' protection

Do you offer to act as designated driver for a drunken friend? Or does someone take over as designated driver for you? If so, our free designated driver protection offers you coverage against damage up to €25,000 for your car.

Calculate your premium

The monthly premiums for our third-party liability insurance and our comprehensive insurance can be viewed online. Select your desired car and scroll down to just under the Technical Features.

Do you also want legal assistance or driver’s insurance? If so, do contact us for a free quote.

Do you want to know the total of how much you will spend for your dream car? That would include your car loan, maintenance contract and insurance? Simply add up the Cardoen lease amount and the insurance amount.


Do you have any further questions about our insurances or anything else? If so, please feel free to contact us. You are also always welcome to visit the car supermarket in your area.

Do you already have Cardoen insurance and do you have a specific question? Please contact:

Or call 078/70.90.03

General Terms and Conditions

The general conditions of all Cardoen Insurance car insurances shall be found on this page.

Cardoen Insurance is a brand name of Datos nv and a product of Amlin Insurance SE, Koning Albert II-laan 37, 1030 Brussels, an insurance company approved by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (0435).