Cardoen Lease: our lease* formula for your car

Your subscription to comfortable driving pleasure


Would you like to buy a new car - without having to pay all at once? Are you unsure about whether you should lease or buy a car? And would you like to keep all options open when your contract expires? Then Cardoen Lease is perfect for you.

This is how Cardoen Lease works

The Cardoen lease allows you to drive off in a new car for a fixed amount per month, without having to worry about maintenance or repairs. Certainly an advantageous private lease formula for your car.

Cardoen Lease combines a car loan with a maintenance contract. You pay off part of your car loan every month and the loan instalment includes all costs of maintenance and repairs.

This offers you the opportunity to buy a new car at a much lower cost. The only thing you have to pay for is your insurance.

Cardoen still guarantees 35% of the value of your car when your contract comes to an end. This means you only pay 65% of the value of your car during your contract. This greatly reduces your monthly repayments.

Your contract has a term of 5 years. You have 3 options when your contract comes to an end:

  1. You can choose a new car from Cardoen
  2. Or you can continue with your existing car and pay the residual value (35% of the agreed value)
  3. You return your car to Cardoen and pay nothing more

7 advantages of Cardoen Lease

  1. Lower rates
    A traditional lease would have costed you much more.
  2. You will always have the latest car
    Do you want to upgrade or would you prefer to choose another car instead? We make it all happen.
  3. You only pay for what you use
    No hefty purchase price, you only pay for your period of use.
  4. Including maintenance and warranty
    Cardoen will bear all maintenance and repair costs.
  5. Free breakdown assistance 
    You will have free breakdown assistance. 
  6. The car is yours from day one
    You will be the owner, since the car is immediately registered in your name.
  7. A fixed value for your car
    We fix the value of your car at the start of the contract. This way you incur no losses when you sell your car.

A concrete example

Wondering what a Cardoen Lease may cost you? A concrete sample calculation has been provided below.

Car: Citroen C3 1.2i puretech S&S 83

Value: €13,224 (including purchase premium)


 60 months

Monthly instalment to Cardoen finance


Monthly amount towards Cardoen service+


APR (Annual Percentage Rate)


Total monthly Cardoen Lease contribution



Cardoen price (with takeover premium)




Car purchase residual value at the time of purchasing the car (in Month 60)


Create your own lease* simulation for your car

Would you like to calculate the Cardoen Lease costs for your desired car? The simulator enables you to do this easily for every new and nearly new car. 

You will find the simulator on the page for each car. Scroll down to the simulator located just below the technical features. You can change the monthly advance payment and the term according to your wishes.

Request your quote

Would you like a quote for a Cardoen Lease? Or do you have any questions? Our employees would be happy to help you. Call us toll-free at 0800 17 023 or send us an e-mail.

For even greater comfort: the Cardoen All-in pack

Do you want to have your car totally hassle-free? And at an economical monthly rate? If so, the All-in pack offers you an ideal solution.

The All-in pack contains virtually everything: your instalment, all maintenance and repairs costs, a 5-year guarantee, road assistance, and Cardoen insurance coverage. You no longer have to worry about anything at all.

In fact, the All-in formula even offers you extra insurance benefits:

  • Your premium will be independent of your bonus-malus.
  • Your premium always remains the same, even if you are involved in an accident.

Would you like to know more? Request more information about the All-in pack here.


* Cardoen Lease combines a Cardoen Service+ contract and an instalment loan with a higher final repayment from the lender AlphaCredit N.V., kredietgever, 1210 Brussel, BTW BE 0445.781.316, RPR Brussel. Please note that it costs money to borrow money.