Lowest price guarantee: all cars at the lowest price

Are you looking for a new or refurbished car? At Cardoen you can choose from over 1,000 cars and 25 popular brands. All new, almost-new or refurbished. And all at the lowest price. You are therefore sure to find a car that suits you, without paying too much.

How do we manage to offer such low prices? Find out below.

All cars at the lowest price

Are you looking for a new car that is still cheap? Thanks to our lowest price guarantee you always pay the lowest price at Cardoen. We have different contacts for all our brands throughout Europe and buy from the lowest priced distributors. We only do so if we are sure to be able to guarantee the lowest price.

We also always order several cars simultaneously, which further reduces the rate. We pass that benefit on to our customers.

Our refurbished cars get an expanded check up in our reconditioning centre. You can be sure about the reliable quality, that's for sure.

Weekly price comparison

Every week we compare our cars with identical cars at authorised car dealerships. Are they cheaper? If so, we will immediately revise our price. After all, our customers have a right to pay the lowest price.

Refund the difference

Yes, you already read it. We compare our prices every week with those at Belgian branded dealerships. Have you managed to spot the same car cheaper elsewhere? Then we will refund the difference to you and add an extra discount of €150.

Transfer bonus for your current car

Are you buying a car at Cardoen and handing over your car? Then you will receive a transfer bonus of at least €1,000 til 1.500. Is your car worth more? Then the amount will be higher, of course.

Simple approach without all the frills

You won’t find a designer showroom and expensive brochures at Cardoen, but instead a simple showroom with straightforward sheets of information. This helps us keep our costs low. And this benefits our customers’ budgets.


Take at look at our cars

Keen to see the models and brands we have in stock? Browse through our range here.

Are you still lacking specific options or fittings? We can always add them for you. You can therefore take home the perfect car for the best price.