Were you aware that Cardoen was founded in 1949? A lot of things have changed since that time. Would you like to know more about our journey so far? Explore our story below.


  • Cardoen opened a pop-up store in the heart of Antwerp, on the Meir in Stadsfeestzaal: the smallest Cardoen store. The store was open until the end of February 2019.

  • In a short span of time Cardoen doesn’t open 1 but 2 new car showrooms in Wallonia. At the end of 2018 in Cardoen starts in the city of Liège. This brings the total of car supermarkets in Wallonia at 5 instead of 3 earlier that year. Impressive !

  • Cardoen opened a new branch in Charleroi in November 2018: the 5th car supermarket in Wallonia.


  • Cardoen Mons opened to the public in January 2017: our third branch in Wallonia.


  • Cardoen Kortrijk saw the light of day in March 2016: the second West Flemish car supermarket.



  • Cardoen won the 3rd place of the 'Special Award 2012' at the Federauto Awards. "The jury praised Cardoen for the special contribution it has made to promoting and improving the image of the automotive sector.”


  • In Tournai, Cardoen launched a new concept: the outdoor car supermarket. By implementing further cost reductions, Cardoen was able to offer its customers cars at even lower prices. Definitely worth a visit.


  • Cardoen Ghent expanded and moved to a new building with a 6,000m² showroom near Ghent/Expo.


  • Cardoen premiered the Nissan Tiida to the Belgian public. This anti-crisis car cost about €20,000 abroad. The Cardoen Price? Starting from €12,999. 80 Tiidas were driven out of the car park within a month.


  • Cardoen attracted the attention from the international press, from China to the United States, with its stunning '2nd car free' campaign. More than 400 cars left the premises within the first two weeks.


  • Cardoen became the first in Europe to present Chinese car brands to the Belgian and Dutch public. Cardoen pioneered the sale of Chinese car brands in Europe.


  • Cardoen offered the Dacia Logan for sale in Western Europe for the first time. Renault imitated Cardoen in the hope of similar success.

  • The first international Cardoen store opened its doors: Cardoen Roosendaal (the Netherlands) was launched.


  • Cardoen was the first in Europe to collaborate with a major distributor in the food sector: Colruyt. Today, the partnership between Cardoen and Colruyt continues on the path to success.


  • The first Cardoen branch outside Antwerp opened its doors: Cardoen Eke near Ghent. Many more will follow.


  • Cardoen moved from the Antwerp city centre to Boomsesteenweg in Wilrijk. The gigantic 7,500 m2 showroom was open 7/7 days and maintained a permanent stock of 900 cars. Cardoen became the market leader in multi-brand car distribution in the Belgian market.


  • Cardoen launched the sale of new cars (imported from Spain and Italy). The offer of almost-new cars for sale by the company continues uninterrupted.


  • Son Karel Cardoen takes over. He now specialises in almost-new used cars.


  • Cardoen started buying and selling cars abroad.


  • Albert Cardoen started selling second-hand cars in the Antwerp city centre.