Cardoen service+ | an advantageous maintenance contract for your car

No more unexpected car costs 

Is your car at the garage for maintenance? And are you worried about the final bill? Do you hate unexpected costs? You can relax with a Cardoen Service+ contract. You pay a fixed amount every month. This covers all costs of maintenance and repairs.

A Cardoen Service+ contract starts at just 50 euros per month. The only condition? That you bought the car from us recently. Find out more below.ik herh

7 benefits of the Cardoen service+ maintenance contract

1. All maintenance costs included

Every car manufacturer determines up front when your car needs maintenance, for example every 15,000 kilometres or once a year. All of these maintenance costs are included in your contract.

2. All costs of technical repairs are included

Technical repairs are also included in your contract, including all costs of labour and replacement of defective components. This includes a broken battery or worn out brake pads and windscreen wipers.

3. Free 7-year breakdown assistance

You have an unexpected breakdown in your car? Or you have an accident and are no longer able to drive? The service+ contract gives you free assistance throughout Europe for 7 years.

4. Free replacement vehicle

Involved in an accident in your car? Then you will receive a free replacement vehicle for up to 5 days. In the case of repairs your replacement vehicle will be free as from the 2nd day.

5. You can say goodbye to unexpected charges on your car.

You don't need to pay when your car is in the Service Center for maintenance or a technical repair.

6. Quickly through the technical inspection

Does your car need to go for its technical inspection? If you have a Cardoen service+ contract we will get your car all ready for its technical inspection.

7. Free tyre change

Have you bought your summer and winter tyres at Cardoen? Then we will change them for free at the turn of the season.

A fixed monthly fee

With our Service+ maintenance contract you pay the same monthly amount. This amount depends on the type of car and the number of kilometres you drive each year.

You will find an overview below:

Monthly tariff for your new car 

Type of car

<10,000 km per year

<15,000 km per year

<20,000 km per year

<25,000 km per year

30,000 km per year

Electric car






City car






Compact family car & SUV






Large family car & SUV






Tariff for almost-new cars: + €12

All prices include 21% VAT

One condition

Would you like a maintenance contract for your car? This is possible with all our new and almost-new cars. However, if you did not buy your car from us it is not possible to take out a Service+ contract.


A Cardoen Service+ contract lasts for a period of 7 years, or until you have 150,000 km on the clock. Whichever comes first.

Do you wish to terminate the contract earlier? You can. Read more about doing so here.

Cardoen lease: for even greater comfort

Would you prefer not to pay one lump sump for your new car, but rather pay small amounts? And are you also interested in a Service+ contract? Then Cardoen lease is the perfect solution.