Cardoen service contract: Service +

All maintenance and repair costs for a fixed fee per month AND 7 years road assistance in Belgium and abroad.


Based on an estimation of your anual number of kilometers and your type of car, your monthly rate is calculated.

Monthly rate for your new car

car type (gasoline & diesel)

<10.000km per year

<15.00km per year

<20.000km per year

<25.000km per year

30.000km per year

city cars






small family cars






big family cars






rate for nearly new cars: rate above + € 10

All prices are 21 % VAT included


At the bottom on the right of every individual car page you can find the exact minimum rate of the Cardoen service +maintenance contract for the displayed car.

What is included?

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • 7 year road assistance
  • Replacement car from the 2nd day for a maximum of 5 days
  • Travel assistance in Belgium and Europe (34 countries)
    • Medical assistance even if you travel by train, plane, bike or ...
  • Preparing your car for the technical inspection (the costs of the inspection itself are not included) 
  • Changing between summer and wintertires (if you've bought your extra pair of wheels at Cardoen)

All maintenances prescribed by the manufacturer are completely included, as well as all the technical repaircosts (labour hours and parts included). Getting ready for the technical inspection is also included in this service as a surPLUS. The maintenances and repairs obviously take place in a Cardoen carsupermarket of your chosing. 

Replacement of tires, damage caused by an accident and glass breakage are not taken into account.

Another nice feature is that there is no franchise in this formula.


The Cardoen service + maintenance contract will automatically be terminated after 7 years or when the counter hits the 150.000km mark, the one that happens first.

I need travel or road assistance. What should I do?

You can find the answer to this question here.

I want to sell my car, what's next?

Did you buy a new car? Do you want to sell your previous car and let the new buyer benefit from the Cardoen service + maintenance contract? That's possible. You can sell your car with the maintenance contract to a new owner. A bonus is that you can sell your car with the remaining warranty.

I want to end my Cardoen service + maintenance contract.

Are you selling your car and don't wish to benefit from the advantages of Cardoen service + maintenance contract, then you can terminate your maintenance contract. You can do this by sending a mail to or by calling the number 0800 17 023. Please make sure you provide us with the following:

  • your Cardoen service + maintenance contract nummer
  • your name
  • your car
  • the reason
  • are you still owner of the car
  • are you entitled to the extended warranty

Extra option

For 110 euro per year you can safely store your extra pair of (seasonal)tires at Cardoen. Doing so will keep your garage nice and tidy and you won't have to lift the tires in the car when it's time to change them.

Do you want even more convenience? Then take a look at our Cardoen lease (Comfort +) formula. In this formula you can find the Cardoen service + maintenance contract and a very advantageous payment formula for the car of your dreams.

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