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After the purchase of your new car at Cardoen you are entitled to two years statutory warranty. This two year period starts on the day you come to get your car. If you purchase a nearly new car, then the statutory warranty is one year. Do you wish to drive around with your new car for 7 years without worries then you can choose between the extended warranty or a Service + contract.

What is included in the warranty?

The legal warranty covers all normal repair costs due to mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Diagnosis and labour are also included.

What is not included in the warranty?

Wear and tear is not included in this warranty. Think for example about the replacement of tires, brakes or the clutch. These parts have a tough life and need replacement after a certain amount of time even when used normally. Also the parts that are maintenance related (oil, filters, sparkplugs) are not covered in the statutory or extended warranty. Would you like for this to be covered as well? Then Service + might be the thing for you.

Damage due to accidents, glass breakage, improper handling, vandalism, or gross negligence are not covered.

What should I do if I notice a defect?

If you notice something is wrong with your car (a dashboard light that starts blinking, a weird sound when you drive), then it is important to contact the Cardoen Service Center as soon as possible. The necessary contact information for the different branches are gathered for you here. If you need assistance and the Service Center is unreachable, then you can contact Touring if you are subscribed to their services. Are you uncertain about something, then we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. A small problem might be easy to fix, but if you neglect a small problem it can grow into a big problem.

Extended warranty

The extended warranty starts after the termination of the statutory warranty and is valid for a period of 5 years or until you reach 150 000 km on your counter. For just €499 you can benefit of 5 years extended warranty. In total you will have 7 years of warranty on your new car. The condition for you to be able to use this interesting formula, is that you maintain your car with due care and come to Cardoen for your car maintenance. Be sure to follow the prescriptions of your manufacturer and regularly check your oil, tire pressure etc.. Using your digital calendar for this might be a useful trick. Please note that there is a onetime franchise of 500 euro when you use the extended warranty.

Just like with the legal warranty damage due to accidents, glass breakage, improper handling, vandalism or gross negligence are not covered. Do you own a 4WD then damage caused by “off road” use is not covered. The roof mechanism of convertibles is not within the extended warranty. This warranty does not apply to vehicles with more than 163 hp.

Would you rather not have a franchise of 500 euros? Do you want to benefit from the extended warranty but don’t feel like paying the complete price at once? Does the idea of a free replacement car sound appealing to you (offered when the repairs take longer than a day)? Would you like 7 years free road and travel assistance in Belgium and Europe (34 countries)? Getting ready for the technical inspection is also something Cardoen can do for you. Did you reply “yes” multiple times to these questions, then Service + is definitely something for you. You are able to benefit from this interesting maintenance formula starting from 39 euros a month.

I still have an unanswered question!

Do still have a question to which you can’t find the answer here? If so, please contact the nearest Service Center.

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