Cardoen extended warranty - 7 years warranty on your new car

Extended warranty? That means extra peace of mind on the road.

Have you just bought a new car? We will provide you with a standard 2-year warranty. We provide a 1-year warranty on almost-new cars. The Cardoen extended warranty can be extended to 7 years on a new car and 5 years on a nearly new car. And this at a very low cost.

The warranty covers the following

  • all defective parts (except due to wear and tear)
  • all the working hours in case of a manufacturing defect

The warranty does not cover the following

  • damage resulting from wear and tear (new brakes, tyres, clutch, etc.)
  • working hours and materials required for maintenance (oil, filters, battery, etc.)
  • damage after an accident, glass breakage and own damage (covered by your insurance)
  • damage resulting from vandalism, incorrect use of the car, and gross negligence
  • damage resulting from off-road use in a 4x4 and damage to the roof mechanism of convertibles

Would you like to enjoy your car with peace of mind? And if you don't want to worry about wear and tear, maintenance, car breakdown, inspection... In that case, the service+ contract offers you an economical solution.         

What to do if you have problems with your new car?

The Cardoen extended warranty offers you 7 years warranty on your car, whether new or almost-new used cars.

Does a light suddenly light up? Do you hear strange sounds? If so, please immediately contact our after-sales service. You may contact Touring outside normal working hours. In case of doubt, it's always a good idea to contact us. Because small problems can be quickly resolved. It’s always extremely inadvisable to ignore it until it becomes a much bigger, much more expensive problem.


Low rates

The Cardoen extended warranty comes at a famously low rate. You can get up to 7 years warranty on your car for just €549. This is a fixed amount for each brand and type, so you only pay it once. So you immediately know where you stand.

The extended warranty shall be for 5 years, or until you have driven 150,000 kilometres. This gives you a total of 7 years warranty on a new car and 5 years on a nearly new car. A nice deal, right?

You pay a franchise of €500 no more than once during the entire warranty period. Does your gearbox break down after 2 years? You only pay €500 for repairs, even if it costs much more. Does your multimedia system suddenly give you problems a year later? The repairs will be completely free, since you have already made your one-time franchise payment.

The conditions

The Cardoen extended warranty gives you seven years of peace of mind on the road. But that does not mean that there are no conditions. For example, the following must be taken into account:

  • the maintenance of your car will be done at Cardoen
  • you take good care of your car (monitoring oil levels, measuring tyre pressure, bring your car in for scheduled maintenance on time, etc.)
  • the 7 years starts from the date on which your car is registered for new cars and the 5 years on nearly new cars starts when your car is delivered.

Would you prefer not to have to bother about anything?

Don't like unexpected costs? If so, the Cardoen service+ contract offers an economical solution. A fixed monthly fee will cover all maintenance and repair costs. In addition, you get 7 years of free roadside assistance at home and abroad.