Discover the wide range of cars from 25 brands at the lowest prices online & in our 16 branches.

A summary of all Cardoen services

All your car requirements in one place

Are you looking for a new car? Then, first of all, you’ll want a good price, but it doesn’t stop there. After all, a new car will also need insurance and maintenance. And you may want a loan or to lease it?

At Cardoen you can find all your car requirements under one roof: including car insurance, car loan, private leasing, maintenance, repairs, extended warranty… You ask all your questions in one place. An easy solution that saves you both time and effort. So you’ll lose no time at the bank, insurance company, at the garage, etc.

Discover all our services below:

  1. Wide selection of new and second-hand cars
  2. How can you finance your car?
  3. Can you insure your car at Cardoen?
  4. Does Cardoen offer extended warranty on your car?
  5. Does your car need a service?

Wide selection of new and second-hand cars    

Je kiest uit een ruim aanbod aan auto’s van 25 merken aan de laagste prijs. Breng hiervoor een bezoek aan een van onze zestien vestigingen of blader online door onze volledige stock.

You choose from a wide selection of cars featuring 25 makes at the lowest price. To do so, visit one of our sixteen locations or browse online through our complete stock.

How can you finance your car?

Cardoen Finance: car finance through Cardoen

Keen to fund the car of your dreams? Then our car loan Cardoen Finance is the way to go.

Cardoen Lease: private leasing

Do you wish to pay a fixed monthly amount for your car purchase and maintenance? Then Cardoen Lease is an interesting solution.

Note: this option is only possible for private individuals.

Can you insure your car at Cardoen?

You can also count on Cardoen for your car insurance. With Cardoen Insurance you get extensive cover for a good price.

Does Cardoen give an extended warranty on your car?

Standaard krijg je 2 jaar garantie op een nieuwe auto en 1 jaar op een tweedehands auto. En voor maar € 599 kan je daar 10 jaar garantie van maken, dankzij de Cardoen verlengde waarborg.

You get a standard 2-year warranty on a new car and 1 year on a second-hand car. And for just €599 you can make this a 10-year warranty, with the Cardoen Extented Warranty.

Does your car need a service?

At Cardoen we can also help you with your car maintenance, whatever the make. Our experienced mechanics receive regular training updates and guarantee you top quality.

Cardoen Service+ maintenance contract

Wil je beschermd zijn tegen onverwachte kosten aan je auto? Met het Cardoen Service+ onderhoudscontract ben je 7 jaar lang gerust. Onderhoud, reparaties, pechverhelping, vervangwagen… het zit allemaal in je contract.

Do you want protection from unexpected costs on your car? With the Cardoen Service + maintenance contract you enjoy peace of mind for 7 years. Maintenance, repairs, roadside assistance, replacement vehicle … it’s all in your contract.


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