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FAQ about Cardoen car supermarket

I want to take out a loan for my car with Cardoen. What should I do?

Have you got your eye on a Cardoen car and would you like to request a car loan? You can do this easily in every car supermarket, without an appointment.

Pop in and be sure to bring the following with you:

  • your identity card
  • a recent wage slip
  • proof of permanent employment (e.g. your employment contract)
Can I take out another loan if I still have one on my last car?

In principle it is not possible to take out a second car loan if you are still repaying one on your old car. It all depends on the amount left to pay on your first loan. In this case get in touch with your local Cardoen car supermarket, and we will contact the bank to find a solution together.

Can I pay for my car in cash?

No, we do not accept cash payments. It is easy to pay for your car with a bank transfer.

How many cars can I reserve online?

You can reserve a maximum of 2 cars at the same time. Having trouble deciding between more than 2 cars? Make you way to your nearest Cardoen car supermarkt. Our sales people will be happy to advise you an which car is best suited for you.

Does Cardoen apply the lower VAT rate for disabled people?

Yes, at Cardoen the disabled receive the beneficial VAT rate of 6% when purchasing their car. In that case you are obliged to use the car for at least 3 years as personal transport, calculated from the first day of the month in which the car is delivered. You can also reclaim the VAT paid from the government afterwards.

What is the legal kit?

By law you are obliged to keep a number of things in your car, for your own safety. These include a fluorescent jacket, warning triangle, first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher. This means you have the basic protection equipment at hand in the event of an accident.

At Cardoen we offer the legal kit in a handy package. In this way you will have automatically have all the things you require in your car.

What is a day registration?

Some manufacturers register their brand-new cars for 1 day, without driving them. This can be interesting for them for a number of reasons. The most important is to allow a really good deal to be offered on a brand-new car with 0 kilometres on the clock.

The car often enters our stock only a few weeks after its first registration. This means that your car holds on to its value if you sell it a few years later.

Les taxes sur ma nouvelle voiture sont nettement plus élevées que prévu. Que dois-je faire?

Le 1er septembre 2018, de nouvelles valeurs ont été introduites pour exprimer les émissions des voitures, les valeurs WLTP. Ceci afin de rendre plus honnêtes et transparentes les valeurs dépassées du test NEDC, qui date du début des années 1990. Dieselgate, entre autres, était à la base de cette décision.

Quand allons-nous passer de NEDC à WLTP?

Jusqu'au 1er septembre 2019, l'UE oblige à recalculer les valeurs NEDC et appelle cette version NEDC 2.0. Ces valeurs serviraient provisoirement de base pour le calcul des taxes sur les véhicules à moteur.

En Belgique, l'ancien ministre Bart Tommelein avait promis que Traxio utiliserait les valeurs NEDC 2.0 jusqu’au:

  • 31/12/2020 pour le niveau Fédéral (voitures de société)
  • 31/12/2019 pour le niveau Flamand.
  • 31/12/2021 pour le niveau Wallon.
  • En Région Bruxelles-Capitale : pas d’impact pour l’instant, puisque le calcul de la taxe de circulation et de la TMC ne contient pas (encore) de composante CO2 

Quel est le problème?

Tout s'est bien passé jusqu'au 01/01/2019, mais après cela, de plus en plus de messages ont été envoyés par des clients qui avaient remarqué une différence dans leurs calculs de la TMC. Outre Cardoen, de nombreuses entreprises du secteur automobile ont été informées à ce sujet.

Des recherches ont montré que certaines autorités fiscales, sans communication et à l’encontre des accords, avaient déjà commencé à utiliser les valeurs WLTP à un stade précoce.

Que faire?

La meilleure chose à faire est de déclarer les autorités fiscales compétentes responsables. Pour cela, vous pouvez envoyer une lettre recommandée au bureau des impôts compétent. Vous pouvez trouver l'adresse de ce bureau sur la facture que vous avez reçue.

Dans la lettre, vous indiquez clairement qu'une erreur s'est produite et que les valeurs WLTP sont utilisées pour le calcul de la TMC au lieu des valeurs NEDC 2.0 convenues.

Nous vous recommandons d’ailleurs de quand-même payer la taxe, et d’ensuite récupérer la différence. C'est afin d’éviter des intérêts de retard.

Am I obliged to buy the car if I take an option online?

No, you are certainly not obliged to buy the car. You are at liberty to decide and have 7 days to do so.

Find out all about online reservations here.


How do I register my new car?

In Belgium, in order to get a number plate, you are required to register your car with the DIV (vehicle registration agency. You can ask your insurance company to do this.

Which is involved in the registration process?

  1. You will receive a registration request for your car from the person selling.
  2. This registration request should be sent to your insurance company.
  3. Your insurance company will send the request to the DIV. Depending on the car you are buying, this can be done online, by post or over the counter.
  4. You will receive your number plates no later than 2 days after your request has been processed. These will either be sent to your home or the car dealer.
  5. Are you getting your plates delivered at home? Then keep 30 euros in cash handy, as you cannot pay the postman with a card.

Are you taking out car insurance at Cardoen? Then we will organise your registration for you. Then all that’s left for you to do is to come and pick up your car once it’s ready.

FAQ about the Cardoen service center

Will you take my car for its inspection if I have a service+ contract?

We will happily prepare your car for its inspection at the Cardoen Service Center. This is included in your service+ contract. However, you will need to go to the actual technical inspection yourself. Fortunately this can now be done by appointment, which makes things more efficient.

No time to drive to the inspection yourself? Then we will do it for you. In that case we will need to charge you for our time and the costs of the actual inspection.

How much does a service cost in the Cardoen Service Center?

The price of a service depends on a number of factors. However, we are certainly cheaper than branded garages and dealers. This is because we use just one hourly rate for every make of car.

Keen to know how much it will cost you to service your car? Get in touch with your local Cardoen Service Center.

Ik heb een Cardoen service+ contract en wil mijn auto verkopen. Wat moet ik doen?

Do you have a car with a Cardoen service+ contract? And do you wish to resell your car? Then you have 2 options:

1. The new owner takes over your contract

In this case ask the new owner to get in touch with us.

2. You terminate your contract free of charge

To do so please call 0800 17 023 or send a mail to [email protected].

Be sure to state your:

  • service+ number
  • name
  • car
  • reason for the termination
  • whether you are still the owner
  • whether you are entitled to an extended warranty
Where should I go for the maintanence of my car ?

You are completely free to choose where to have your car serviced. Every Cardoen supermarket has a Cardoen Service Center - its own workshop, with trained mechanics. You are always welcome there for all maintenance and repairs on your car at lower rates. Would you prefer to have your car serviced somewhere else? That should not be a problem, we know from experience that Cardoen customers are well received everywhere.

Am I welcome at an approved dealer with a car from Cardoen?

A brand dealer earns from the sale of its cars hardly anything. The maintenance of the vehicles, however, is cost-effective. It is therefore logical that they would like to receive new customers for maintenance, including Cardoen customers.

Will I have to pay more at a brand dealer because I bought my car at Cardoen ?

The hourly rates of each garage are fixed and should be used for each customer. Most brands have certain fixed prices for small and major maintenance in advance. It does not matter where you bought the car that you offer to the dealer to determine the price of the maintenance.

Should I come back to Cardoen for a warranty repair ?

Response for:

  • Almost-new cars
  • cars with a Cardoen service+ contract
  • cars with a Cardoen extended warranty

Have you bought an almost-new car from us? Or do you have a Cardoen service+ contract or Cardoen extended warranty? Then repairs under warranty are best carried out in your local Cardoen Service Center. In this way we can continue to guarantee your warranty.

Response for:

  • New cars

Have you bought a new car from us but have no Cardoen service+ contract or extended warranty? Then you are better off getting your repairs done in your local Cardoen Service Center. After all, Cardoen knows your car best of all. Furthermore, we are experienced in repairs of all brands.

Is it difficult for you to come to a Cardoen Service Center, for example because you are abroad? Then your chosen mechanic may carry out your repairs for you. We will settle the administration and payment directly with this person.

The procedure can be found in your Cardoen warranty booklet. Important: always ask your mechanic to contact Cardoen first, before conducting any repairs.

Why does my new Cardoen car first have to be sent for inspection?

Most of our new cars come directly from the factory in a European country. Before coming to Belgium, they are registered in the country from which they were exported. Officially they are then imported as 'used cars', that's the law. Even though they have 0 kilometres on the milometer. So they are new cars with a registration with a 0 km reading.

In Belgium it is mandatory to first inspect every car that has ever been registered, before it is sold. That's why we first take your car for inspection before you can pick it up. You therefore have an extra check on the car, which offers you an extra advantage.

All our cars are also delivered with a certificate of conformity. This is legal proof that the car was made by an official manufacturer. So you can be sure that you get rock-solid quality for a fair price.


Can Cardoen perform all repairs?

Yes, you can contact Cardoen for all repairs, regardless of the brand and type of your car. Our mechanics carry out 95% of all work on site. They engage specialists for the remaining 5%. Cardoen will in any case make all the necessary arrangements for you, so that you only have to deal with one contact person at any time.