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FAQ about Cardoen car supermarket

Where is the car of my choice?

On you can discover our complete stock. These cars are spread over our various branches. When you take out an option online on a car, we ensure that you can see the car as quickly as possible in the location of your choice.

Why is a car at Cardoen cheaper than at the dealer?

THE BEST PRICE FROM ACROSS EUROPE: Cardoen has no fixed contracts with a manufacturer. Our cars come from those European countries where they are most advantageous. And because we still buy several cars at once, we can even get more interesting purchases. LOW COST = LOW PRICES: With Cardoen you will not find marble on the floor, the heating is one degree and who wants more info does not get expensive leaflets but a simple information sheet. With such savings we keep our costs low and we can offer our cars at the lowest prices.

What does LOWEST PRICE guarantee mean at Cardoen?

Cardoen garandeert je de LAAGSTE PRIJS op elke nieuwe auto (0 km) in stock. Wekelijks vergelijken wij onze prijzen met identieke auto's van andere autodealers. Vind je toch dezelfde auto elders voor een lagere prijs ? Dan betaalt Cardoen je het verschil terug ! 

Voorwaarden :

  • we vergelijken enkel met een identiek voertuig = dezelfde motorisatie, uitrusting & uitvoering
  • Kan je ons het bewijs (= een gedrukte - of internetpubliciteit) voorleggen van een officiële dealer met een lagere prijs ? Dan passen wij meteen onze prijs aan, en bieden je € 150 extra voordeel.
  • met een geprint of handgeschreven document wordt geen rekening gehouden
  • Heb je de auto gekocht ? Dan betalen we je, voor levering, het verschil terug.


What is the difference between a new, an end of series, or a nearly new car ?

At Cardoen you discover in addition to a wide selection of new cars, new end of series models. If a new model comes on the market, a large stock of the previous model remains. The dealers are stuck with them, because they have to sell the new model. Cardoen buys these cars and places them in the showroom as a new end of serie car. These brand new cars are up to 40% cheaper! Absolute bargains! Above all, Cardoen offers a wide selection of nearly new cars at a very low price with an average of only 15,000 miles on the odometer. As good as new, but much cheaper.

Does Cardoen have every brand and model in stock ?

If we can not offer our customers a significant price advantage, we do not take a particular model up in our stock. At Cardoen you will always find the most interesting car bargains from Europe.

Does Cardoen always have the latest new model in stock ?

Most of our cars are of the latest model, but sometimes we buy cars from a previous model type. The price advantage on end of series cars is huge. Such bargains are up to 40% cheaper, we do not want to spare you from that.

What is the difference between a lease and Cardoen lease (Comfort+)?

A lease is similar to a long term rental. There is the lease giver, who owns the car. This person or company bought the car, paid registration tax, paid for the insurance and registered the car in his/her name. If reparations are required it is the purchaser that will be held accountable. The purchase invoice is for the leasing company.

On the other hand you have the leaseholder. This person pays rent in exchange for the use of the vehicle.

At the end of the lease contract the leaseholder will most likely return the car. But the leaseholder can also choose to buy the lease car. In this case a price will be determined and paid to take over the car.  The new owner (the previous leaseholder) will have to pay the registration tax.

Cardoen lease (Comfort +) is a combination of an installment loan with a Cardoen service+ maintenance contract. In this case there is no rental. The car is paid for by and financed by the customer. Thanks to the Cardoen service + maintenance contract the customer doesn’t have to worry about: warranty, maintenance, travel assistance or breakdown assistance. This is all covered. As a customer you only have to pay for fuel, insurance and taxes.

The car will be registered in the name of the customer. The invoice will also be made in the customer’s name.

After 5 years the customer can choose between:

  • Purchasing a new car (with Cardoen lease)
  • Continue driving your car and pay the residual value (30%)
  • You give your car back to Cardoen and pay nothing extra

The advantage of Cardoen lease is that you as a customer become owner of the vehicle. At the beginning of the contract you know what the residual value will be. If you decide to keep the car you don’t have to pay for the registration tax.

Does Cardoen give discounts on the posted Cardoen price ?

Cardoen offers you the lowest price garantie on new cars in Belgium. Found exactly the same car cheaper elsewhere ? Cardoen pays you back the difference. That makes us sure of the lowest prices every day.

What is the difference between a monovolume, break, berline and other car models?

Here you can find more information about the differen types of car models. 

I need road or travel assistance. What should I do?

You can find the answer here.

FAQ about the Cardoen service center

Where should I go for the maintanence of my car ?

Each Cardoen car supermarket has its own workshop (except Tournai) with perfectly trained mechanics. If you would like to go elsewhere for the maintenance of your car, that is not a problem. From experience we know that Cardoen customers are received well everywhere.

Am I welcome at an approved dealer with a car from Cardoen?

A brand dealer earns from the sale of its cars hardly anything. The maintenance of the vehicles, however, is cost-effective. It is therefore logical that they would like to receive new customers for maintenance, including Cardoen customers.

Will I have to pay more at a brand dealer because I bought my car at Cardoen ?

The hourly rates of each garage are fixed and should be used for each customer. Most brands have certain fixed prices for small and major maintenance in advance. It does not matter where you bought the car that you offer to the dealer to determine the price of the maintenance.

Should I come back to Cardoen for a warranty repair ?

If you buy a new car at Cardoen, repair under warranty can be made by the garage of your choice. Cardoen regulates the administration and payment directly with him. You can find the procedure in your Cardoen guarantee booklet. Contact your mechanic at Cardoen before performing the repair. The reperation of nearly new cars in warranty has to happen in the office where you bought your car. If you have an extended warranty or "Service +" on your new car, maintenance happens at Cardoen.

Do I need to pass thru the technical inspection with my car ?

The Cardoen cars come with a Belgian conformity certificate and a valid inspection document. Only new cars that had no registration, should have no inspection document. Your car must therefore, like any other car, undergo technical inspection.

Can Cardoen perform all repairs?

The Cardoen mechanics can do 95% of all the work in the Cardoen service center. For the other 5 % of specific jobs, we closly work with specialists. Cardoen arranges everything for you, so that you have only one contact person.

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